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Saudi Arabia

What would you like to know about Saudi Arabia? Below are some links that will answer most of your questions.

If you don't find the specific information you want, click on "Reference" to the left, select the appropriate specialized collection from the links provided, and search for Saudi Arabia. When using the reference sources, note the date of the most recent update. Some information, such as the names of current government officials, may be out of date.

General Background:

    "The central resource for information about Saudi Arabia," family tree of the royal family, over 80,000 listings of Saudi businesses; some free, some by subscription.

  2. Library of Congress Foreign Area Handbook
    Authoritative discussions of Saudi Arabia's history, society, culture, economy, security. Also summaries of the historical setting of the Persian Gulf, the role of Islam, Gulf wars, and much more.

  3. US State Department Background Notes
    A succinct profile of Saudi Arabia's history, government, politics. Practical information for travelers.


  1. Saudi Political Resources

What's New on the Web:

  1. Saudi-US Relations Information Service (SUSRIS)
    A news and information site focusing on positive aspects of US relations with Saudi Arabia; sponsored by the National Council on US-Arab Relations.

  2. Web sites relating to Saudi Arabia, compiled by Yahoo
    Includes access to chat groups, news, and specialized web pages as well as a listing of universities, government organizations, and cultural and social resources.

National Press:

  1. Saudi Arabia Newspapers
    Two papers in Arabic.


Human Rights:

  1. Human Rights Watch
    Click on Saudi Arabia.

  2. State Department Human Rights Reports
    Search for Saudi Arabia.

Oil/Energy & Commerce:

  1. US Department of Energy
    Energy profile. Search for Saudi Arabia.

  2. Economic and Trade Practices
    US State Department Reports. Search for Saudi Arabia.


  1. Thicker Than Oil: America's Uneasy Partnership With Saudi Arabia, by Rachel Bronson (Oxford University Press 2006).

  2. Inside the Mirage: America's Fragile Partnership With Saudi Arabia, by Thomas W. Lippman (Westview Press, 2004)

  3. Saudi Arabia Enters the Twenty-First Century, by Anthony H. Cordesman (Greenwood, August 2003). 2 volumes

  4. Géopolitique de l'Arabie Saoudite, by Olivier Da Lage

  5. The Price of Wealth : Economics and Institutions in the Middle East (Cornell Studies in Political Economy) by Kiren Aziz Chaudhry (1997)

  6. The Empty Quarter by David Marion Wilkinson, Sarah Nawrocki (1998)

  7. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by David E. Long (1997)

  8. Saudi Arabia and the Politics of Dissent by Mamoun Fandy (1999)

  9. Saudi Arabia and the United States : Birth of a Security Partnership by Parker T. Hart (1999)

  10. Arabian Affair : The Gulf War from Saudi Arabia by Alan Munro (1996)

  11. Succession in Saudi Arabia by Joseph A. Kechichian (Palgrave, January 2001.) $49.95 (cloth). ISBN 0-312-23880-0.

  12. Holier Than Thou: Saudi Arabia's Islamic Opposition by Joshua Tietelbaum, Washington Institute for Near East Policy, November 2000.

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Human Rights

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