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  1. Gulf Research Center, Dubai
    Daily synopsis of news from and about the Gulf

  2. Online Newspapers
    Search for newspapers from around the world.

  3. World-newspapers
    Collection of newspapers sorted by region.

  4. Abyz News Links
    Newspapers, magazines, and broadcast media organized by region.

  5. The New York Times on the Middle East
    Recent feature stories, updated news every ten minutes.

  6. Washington Post Middle East
    Breaking news, recent feature stories, maps, country profiles.

  7. GulfWire
    Weekly newsletter on developments in the Gulf, by the National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations and the U.S.-GCC Corporate Cooperation Committee. Free archives and email subscription.

  8. Gulf States Newsletter
    Subscription publication on Gulf states since 1974; free background information and breaking news.

  9. Agence France Press World Report
    Includes excellent coverage and analysis of breaking news and major issues in the Middle East.

  10. The News Hour with Jim Lehrer
    Several years of full text reports on major Middle East developments.

  11. US State Department Washington File
    Statements, speeches, press conferences, announcements, etc.

  12. The Weather Channel
    Today's weather for every country in the Middle East.


CNN Custom News from the Persian Gulf Region

BBC World News: Middle East

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