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What would you like to know about Qatar? Below are some links that will answer most of your questions.

If you don't find the specific information you want, click on "Reference" to the left, select the appropriate specialized collection from the links provided, and search for Qatar. When using the reference sources, note the date of the most recent update. Some information, such as the names of current government officials, may be out of date.

General Background:

  1. Library of Congress Foreign Area Handbook
    Authoritative discussions of Qatar's history, society, culture, economy, security. Also summaries of the historical setting of the Persian Gulf,the role of Islam, Gulf wars, and much more.

  2. Qatar Info Magazine
    General and practical information.

  3. State Department Background Notes A succinct profile of Qatar's history, government, politics. Practical information for travelers.


  1. Qatar Political Resources

What's New on the Web:

  1. All About Qatar
    An extensive collection of links and resources.

  2. Web sites relating to Qatar, compiled by Yahoo
    Includes access to chat groups, news, and specialized web pages as well as a listing of universities, government organizations, and cultural and social resources.

National Press:

  1. Qatar Newspapers
    Arabic and English papers.


Human Rights:

  1. Human Rights Watch
    Click on Qatar.

  2. State Department Human Rights Reports
    Search for Qatar.

Oil/Energy & Commerce:

  1. US Department of Energy
    Energy profile. Search for Qatar.

  2. Economic and Trade Practices
    US State Department Reports. Search for Qatar.

  3. US State Department Commercial Notes
    Economic trends, economic & trade statistics for Qatar.


  1. Bedouins of Qatar (Carlsberg Foundation's Nomad Research Project) by Klaus Ferdinand, Ida Nicolaisen (Editor) (1993)

  2. Oil and Politics in the Gulf : Rulers Merchants in Kuwait and Qatar (Cambridge Middle East Library, No 24) by Jill Crystal (1995)

General Background


What's New on the Web

National Press


Human Rights

Oil/Energy & Commerce


School of International & Public Affairs

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