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What would you like to know about Iraq? Below are some links that will answer most of your questions.

If you don't find the specific information you want, click on "Reference" to the left, select the appropriate specialized collection from the links provided, and search for Iraq. When using the reference sources, note the date of the most recent update. Some information, such as the names of current government officials, may be out of date.

General Background:

  1. The Saddam Hussein Sourcebook
    Declassified Secrets from the U.S.-Iraq Relationship, from the National Security Archives.

  2. University of Georgia
    Background and references about Iraq.

  3. Post-Saddam Iraq
    Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty biographies on key figures and current analysis. Very comprehensive reporting.

  4. Iraq Bibliography
    Online primary sources, largely from U.S. Government documents, compiled by librarians and presented by topic. Useful and reliable.

  5. Iraq Revenue Watch
    Compiled by the Open Society Institute of the Soros Foundation to track the financial dealings in post-war Iraq.

  6. Conflict in Iraq: Concerns and Consequences
    Information and critical analysis of US, UK and other European policy towards Iraq, sponsored by BASIC, ISIS and Saferworld.

  7. Library of Congress Foreign Area Handbook
    Authoritative discussions of Iraq's history, society, culture, economy, security. Also summaries of the historical setting of the Persian Gulf, the role of Islam, Gulf wars, and much more.

  8. Desert Storm
    A collection of information about the conflict over Kuwait.

  9. Maps of the 1990-91 Gulf War
    From PBS Frontline web site.

  10. Operation Desert Fox: December 1998
    US Dept of Defense documentation.

  11. Iraq Watch
    The Wisconsin Project on Nuclear Arms Control monitors Iraq's progress in building weapons of mass destruction. Describes key Iraqi organizations and sites, lists their foreign suppliers, and provides access to U.N. and other documents that describe Iraq's activities.

  12. The Marsh Arabs
    A case study on the systematic destruction of marshlands in southern Iraq.


  1. Website of the Iraqi parliament (Arabic)
    English version has a translation of the Iraqi constitution.

  2. Kurdistan Regional Government
    Documentation on the autonomous Kurdish entity in Northern Iraq, including a draft constitution of a "Federal Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan Region".

  3. Kurdistan Democratic Party-Iraq
    Background and views of a major Kurdish party in northern Iraq.

What's New on the Web:

  1. The Struggle for Iraq
    Summary of New York Times reporting on the war and occupation in Iraq.

  2. Insurgent Iraq
    Links to articles and reports about the Iraqi Insurgency compiled by Project on Defense Alternatives.

  3. Web sites relating to Iraq, compiled by Yahoo
    Includes access to chat groups, news, and specialized web pages as well as a listing of universities, government organizations, and cultural and social resources.

  4. Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty - Iraq Report
    A weekly summary of developments in Iraq, from November 1998.

  5. The Iraq Foundation
    News, commentary, useful archives - promoting democracy in Iraq.

National Press:

  1. Iraqi media
    New media since the 2003 U.S. invasion and overthrow of Saddam Hussein.


Human Rights:

  1. Human Rights Watch
    Click on Iraq.

Oil/Energy & Commerce:

  1. US Department of Energy
    Energy profile. Search for Iraq.


  1. Early Mesopotamia : Society and Economy at the Dawn of History by Nicholas Postgate, J. N. Postgate (1994)

  2. ENDGAME: Solving the Iraq Problem -- Once and For All by Scott Ritter (1999)

  3. Human Rights in Iraq (Human Rights Watch Books) by Middle East Watch, David A. Korn

  4. Iraq : Eastern Flank of the Arab World by Christine M. Helms (1991)

  5. Iraq and the War of Sanctions : Conventional Threats and Weapons of Mass Destruction by Anthony H. Cordesman (1999)

  6. The Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait : Saddam Hussein, His State and International Power Politics by Musaliam Ali Musallam (1996)

  7. The Kurdish Predicament in Iraq : A Political Analysis by Michael M. Gunter (1999)

  8. Republic of Fear : The Politics of Modern Iraq by Kanan Makiya (1998)

  9. The Shi`Is of Iraq by Yitzhak Nakash (1996)


  11. The Future of Iraq (Policy Papers, No. 24), Washington Institute For Near East Policy (May 1991) by Laurie Mylroie>

  12. Saddam Hussein and the Crisis in the Gulf by Judith Miller, Laurie Mylroie

  13. A History of Iraq by Charles Tripp, Cambridge U Press, 300 pp.

  14. Gulf War : The Complete History by Thomas G. Houlahan

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